List of Works


Fugue in b minor
for chorus & percussion (1996)

Rhapsodic Incident
for muted trumpet, harpsichord & contrabassoon (1997)

for percussion (including piano) (1997)

for wind quintet & tubular bell (1998)

A Brief Life
for flute & piano (2002)

for cello, clarinet & piano (2002)

Quintet in D minor
for violin, cello, oboe/English horn, French horn & piano (2003)

4 A.M.
for alto saxophone & piano (2005)


for alto saxophone, cello & trumpet (2013)


for alto saxophone, cello, trumpet & piano (2014)


for flute, alto saxophone, cello, trumpet & piano (2014 - still in progress)



Twenty-One Songs (poems, 1757-1999)
for mezzo-soprano, baritone & piano (2000)

Five Songs
for mezzo-soprano & piano (2004)

2 Songs

for soprano & piano (2006)



Orchestral Suite
for C flute, alto flute, oboe/English horn, Bb clarinet/alto saxophone, bassoon, French horn, Bb trumpet, bass trombone, percussion, piano/synthesizer, violin, cello, double bass & small chorus (2001)



American Princess
Intar Theatre, NYC (1982)

Prometheus Bound
Wellesley Theatre, London (1983)

The Miser
The York Theatre Co., NYC (1985)

The Scoundrel “D”
(The Dreyfus Affair
Lawrence Wein Center, NYC (1991)

Eating Raoul
The Union Square Theatre, NYC (1992)

The Big Bang
The Douglas Fairbanks Theatre, NYC (2000)


University of Miami (2014)  Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center (2015)


Film & Television

The Joy that Kills
American Playhouse, PBS (1984)

Memorial Valley Massacre
The Motion Picture Corp. of America (1988)

No Means No
CBS Schoolbreak Special (1988)

The ‘60s
NBC mini-series (1999)

Someone Like You (partial score)
20th Century Fox (2001)



The Power of Conscience: The Danish Resistance and the Rescue of the Jews
PBS (1994) (Musical Consultant)

The Healing Gardens of New York
PBS (July 2006)

Documentaries produced by The Humane Society of the United States