Frequently Asked Questions


 Animal Issues

How do I become involved?
I suggest you contact any of the organizations in the animal issues section and discuss with them how you may become involed. 

Why do you seem to care more about animals than human beings? Are not humans more evolved, therefore more valuable than animals?
Everyone is wired differently. As you know, there are millions of people involved with organizations which aid human beings in a myriad of ways. One must be guided by his own set of ethics and mores. Many insightful books have been written on the subject. I highly recommend any by Peter Singer (Writings on an Ethical Life, Animal Liberation) whose observations are enlightening.



CDs and digital downloads

How does one acquire the original cast album of "Eating Raoul"?

How does one acquire the original cast album of "The Big Bang"? No commercial release of THE BIG BANG has yet been produced. If you would like a copy of the original demo that was made while it was being written, contact Heather Russell at and request that she mail one to you.



How does one acquire "Euphrates, Me Jane"?
To order a physical CD: Euphrates, Me Jane 
For digital downloads: Euphrates, Me Jane



What comes first, music or lyrics?
There are no rules for this, whatsoever. You’ll never know what’s going to work. Sometimes, it’ll begin with a title, a vamp, a musical phrase, a verbal notion or even a progression or two.

An example I often use as an illustration:
As Guys & Dolls was being written, Abe Burrows came up with the phrase, "The oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York." It was just a phrase the gangsters used verbally. Frank Loesser went to Burrows and said, "Gimme that, will ya? I really want that." Burrows said sure, and Loesser wrote the song.
So as I say, you never know how it’s going to begin.

I Got The Show Right Here   

How does one acquire an autographed copy of "I Got The Show Right Here"?
I'm afraid I do not have such copies. Perhaps someone at Simon & Schuster can help you. You can order a normal copy at  I Got The Show Right Here.